[Chronique] Pirates Latitudes de Michael Crichton 

The Caribbean, 1665. A remote colony of the English Crown, the island of Jamaica holds out against the vast supremacy of the Spanish empire. Port Royal, its capital, is a cutthroat town of taverns, grog shops, and bawdy houses. In this steamy climate there’s a living to be made, a living that can end swiftly by disease—or by dagger. For Captain Charles Hunter, gold in Spanish hands is gold for the taking, and the law of the land rests with those ruthless enough to make it. Word in port is that the galleon El Trinidad, fresh from New Spain, is awaiting repairs in a nearby harbor. Heavily fortified, the impregnable harbor is guarded by the bloodthirsty Cazalla, a favorite commander of the Spanish king himself. With backing from a powerful ally, Hunter assembles a crew of ruffians to infiltrate the enemy outpost and commandeer El Trinidad, along with its fortune in Spanish gold. The raid is as perilous as the bloodiest tales of island legend, and Hunter will lose more than one man before he even sets foot on foreign shores, where dense jungle and the firepower of Spanish infantry stand between him and the treasure. . . .

[Chronique] Horns by Joe Hill VO

Once, Iglived the life of the blessed : born into privilege, the second son of a renowned musician, the younger brother of a rising late-night TV star. Ig had security and wealth and a place in his community. Ig had it all, and more - he had the love of Merrin Williams, a love founded on shared daydreams, mutual daring, and unlikely midsummer magic. Then beautiful, vivacious Merrin was gone - raped and murdered, under inexplicable circumstances - and Ig the only suspect.  He was never tried for the crime, but in the court of public opinion, he was and always would be guilty. Now Ig is possessed of horns, and a terrible new power - he can hear people's deepest, darkest secrets - to go with his terrible new look. He means to use it to find whoever killed Merrin and destroyed his life. Being good and praying for the best got him nowhere. It's time for a little revenge ; it's time the devil had his due.

Bookhaul momox de livres en VO de janvier 2021 – Partie 2

Hey coucou, Vous aviez peut-être vu la première partie ICI et voici le seconde partie de mon bookhaul de livres en VO, c'est la partie des paperback et là encore la PAL va s'alourdir un poil (un gros poil même). All the crooked saints - Dispo ICI Here is a thing everyone wants: A miracle.Here is … Lire la suite de Bookhaul momox de livres en VO de janvier 2021 – Partie 2

Bookhaul momox de livres en VO de janvier 2021 – Partie 1

Bonjour à tous, Comme à chaque fois quand je fais ma commande annuelle de livres en VO sur le site j'ai un peu craqué mon slip, j'ai acheté que des livres dont j'avais envie depuis un bon moment ou des livres d'auteurs qui ont un certains poids dans l'univers littéraire. Tout d'abord, voici la première … Lire la suite de Bookhaul momox de livres en VO de janvier 2021 – Partie 1

[Chronique] Everless T1 by Sara Holland VO

In the kingdom of Sempera, time is currency—extracted from blood, bound to iron, and consumed to add time to one’s own lifespan. The rich aristocracy, like the Gerlings, tax the poor to the hilt, extending their own lives by centuries. No one resents the Gerlings more than Jules Ember. A decade ago, she and her father were servants at Everless, the Gerlings’ palatial estate, until a fateful accident forced them to flee in the dead of night. When Jules discovers that her father is dying, she knows that she must return to Everless to earn more time for him before she loses him forever. But going back to Everless brings more danger—and temptation—than Jules could have ever imagined. Soon she’s caught in a tangle of violent secrets and finds her heart torn between two people she thought she’d never see again. Her decisions have the power to change her fate—and the fate of time itself.

[Chronique] The fifth child by Doris Lessing VO

Doris Lessing’s contemporary gothic horror story—centered on the birth of a baby who seems less than human—probes society’s unwillingness to recognize its own brutality.Harriet and David Lovatt, parents of four children, have created an idyll of domestic bliss in defiance of the social trends of late 1960s England. While around them crime and unrest surge, the Lovatts are certain that their old-fashioned contentment can protect them from the world outside—until the birth of their fifth baby. Gruesomely goblin-like in appearance, insatiably hungry, abnormally strong and violent, Ben has nothing innocent or infant-like about him. As he grows older and more terrifying, Harriet finds she cannot love him, David cannot bring himself to touch him, and their four older children are afraid of him. Understanding that he will never be accepted anywhere, Harriet and David are torn between their instincts as parents and their shocked reaction to this fierce and unlovable child whose existence shatters their belief in a benign world.

[Chronique] The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder VO

Hannah and Zoe haven’t had much in their lives, but they’ve always had each other. So when Zoe tells Hannah she needs to get out of their down-and-out New Jersey town, they pile into Hannah’s beat-up old Le Mans and head west, putting everything—their deadbeat parents, their disappointing love lives, their inevitable enrollment at community college—behind them.

[Chronique] Rebel Belle T1 by Rachel Hawkins VO

Nombre de tomes : 2 Genre : Young Adult, Fantasy Edition : Putnam Date de sortie : 8 avril 2014 Edition : Hardback Pages :  384 pages Ma Note : ★★★★★ Où le trouver : Cliquer sur l’image ci-dessus Harper Price, peerless Southern belle, was born ready for a Homecoming tiara. But after a strange run-in at … Lire la suite de [Chronique] Rebel Belle T1 by Rachel Hawkins VO

[Chronique] The tea dragon society by Katie O’Neill VO

Nombre de tomes : / Genre : BD, Fantasy Edition : Oni Press Date de sortie :  2017 Edition : papeback Pages :  72 pages Ma Note : ★★★★★ Où le trouver : Cliquer sur l’image ci-dessus From the award-winning author of Princess Princess Ever After comes The Tea Dragon Society, a charming all-ages book that follows … Lire la suite de [Chronique] The tea dragon society by Katie O’Neill VO